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The Lexus new ES test drive │GS successor and the model expected are Lexus’s ambitious work that took a new step


A style that leads to Flagship’s LS

I had the opportunity to test drive the new Lexus new type ES which was introduced to Japan for the first time in the past through test drive to the place of Fukuoka where the production factory is located and next to Yamaguchi.

At Yamaguchi Ube Airport, I face the test ride prepared by the slurry. The interior and exterior design symbolizing the majestic size and the new generation Lexus makes you feel the style that leads to Flagship’s LS.

A new type ES pursuing further “high-quality comfort”

ES that has been highly appreciated for ride comfort and quietness, wide interior space and so on. In the new model, the development team has built in further pursuit of “high-quality comfort”.

The interior is spacious and there is enough room for living in the rear seats too much in the horizontal direction and in the front and rear direction.

By installing a miniaturized hybrid battery under the cushion instead of behind the seat, we can secure a wide luggage room and lower center of gravity.

Hip point is slightly higher because we arranged a thick rear cushion seat on top of the battery, but it is also a big deal that we can secure overhead clearance as it is a flowing form.

Mass production world first adoption The actual usability of the digital outer mirror

You can easily see the large screen display that is settled in the center of the interior that feels even the coloring.

Production vehicles that are already receiving great reactions The world’s first adopted digital outer mirror (selectable only for “version L”) is prepared to display a display with a burning feeling, It is said that there are many merits such as securing a visibility diagonally forward due to the divergence, obtaining a wide field of view by enlarging angle of view at the time of blinker operation and backward movement, and being less susceptible to weather.

However, it is undeniable that the 50-year-old writer felt that it would be hard to focus or that a slightly more detailed image would be appreciated. Since it can be confirmed at the dealer what kind of feeling is around that, purchase reviewers should try it.

Firmly differentiated “version L” and “F SPORT”

Running while switching between “advanced version” “version L” and “F SPORT” set for the first time in a new era for the first time, I understood that the seasoning is differentiated a little.

If the interior’s equipment and meter are different, the seat also has a more sporty shape that the side support overhangs in “F SPORT”.

Both cars have a different foot around, but with performance dampers on either side, the standard mounted tires will be 18 inches and 19 inches of the same brand Dunlop SP Sports Max 050.

Swing valve shock absorber which produces “ride” ride comfort

Among them, “version L” is given a new technology swing valve shock absorber, but its ride comfort is exceptionally wonderful to say “exquisite”.

The suspension is supple moving, skillfully mitigate input from the road surface and do not tell the cabin. Still, the dedicated valve exerts the damping force, instantaneously converging the vibration and providing a flat ride. There is also no feeling of stiffness in the soft car around the legs.

I could not help admiring this ride.


Seasoned properly to the character of the new ES

Equipped with AVS (Adaptive Variable Suspension System) against “F SPORT”, seasoned seasoned overall.

It is never an unpleasant thing, it is a nuance that you feel a little harder than “version L”. It seems that the area is seasoned properly to the character of the new ES to the last.


A comfortable steering feel suitable for the new ES is realized

On the other hand handling “F SPORT” is more quick and refreshing and it is a good impression.

There is no response delay to steering, grip feeling is high, and there is lightness. In addition to the SPORT S mode, AVS can also select the SPORT S mode + more specialized for running.

“Version L” is intended to make it difficult for the person who is incompetent to handle the steering wheel to steer accurately, the vicinity of the center of the steering is daringly set, and there is an unresponsive assistance at first, a little It is set to start bending from where it was cut.

There are people who feel this is easier to ride, and although it is a place where you can divide your taste, it is likely that you will unwittingly change the rudder unconsciously in the realm of a micro rudder.

Kickback was kept small while telling the condition of the road surface, realizing a comfortable steering feel suitable for the new ES.

When asked which ride taste you like, I am “F SPORT”, but it is a plagued place, as I am getting fuzzed at the comfortable ride of “version L”.


Was it so linear? And the powertrain which is impressed

Regarding powertrain, the new hybrid system which is combined with the 2.5-liter inline 4-cylinder engine boasting world-class thermal efficiency is also basically the same as Camry, but was Drive to Hisashiba, was it so linear? I felt. There is also a comfortable direct feeling with the accelerator work, and it pulls out the body of 1.7 tons forcefully.

On the other hand, the overall quietness is high and there are no complaints in terms of power performance, but there is a side that is a bit concerned about the sound quality if it is greedy. Increasing the step on the accelerator, with the power meter, the stepping amount which can swing slightly to the power side, the sound which somewhat lacks a luxurious feeling like 4 cylinder comes in occasionally. Honestly, it is better to keep it a little more.

Also, I tried a new control to increase the acceleration reasonably when I switched the lane to the right during ACC operation, but it was quite good to arrange. In addition, at the time of LTA (lane tracing assist) operation, the symptoms that appeared in the left and right lanes have seen in the existing model seemed to have improved somewhat. Due to the later generations, such parts have evolved in various ways.


Lexus’ ambitious work that took a new step

There must be a lot of people who are interested in the Lexus New ES, but I think it was quite a complete completion.

Indeed there was “high-quality comfort” that the development team adhered to, and it seems to be able to respond to expectations as a successor to GS that is expected to disappear before long.

Also, as a premium brand sedan of this class, there are not many cars like the new ES like the world in the world, and in that sense the meaning of existence is great.

The motivation work of Lexus who took a new step was quite interesting one.


Lexus new ES main specifications


Lexus New ES 300 h major specifications
engine 2.4-liter in-line 4-cylinder hybrid
Drive system FF
Price (consumption tax included) 5,800,000 yen [ES 300h] / 6,290,000 yen [ES 300h “F SPORT”] 
6,980,000 yen [ES 300h “Version L”]
WLTC mode fuel consumption 20.6 km / L
Urban area mode fuel consumption 16.6 km / L
Suburban mode fuel economy 22.7 km / L
Fast mode fuel consumption 21.4 km / L
JC 08 mode fuel consumption 23.4 km / L
full length 4,975 mm
Full width (vehicle width) 1,865 mm
Overall height (vehicle height) 1,445 mm
Wheelbase 2,870 mm
Riding capacity 5 people
Vehicle weight (vehicle weight) 1,690 to 1,740 kg
Displacement 2,487 cc
Engine maximum output 131 kW (178 PS) / 5,700 rpm
Engine maximum torque 221 N · m (22.5 kgf · m) / 3,600 to 5,200 rpm
Driving main battery Nickel metal hydride battery
Motor maximum output 88 kW (120 PS)
Motor maximum torque 202 N · m (20.6 kgf · m)
transmission Electric continuously variable transmission
fuel Unleaded Regular Gasoline

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