MINI John Cooper Works (F56) Test Drive

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MINI John Cooper Works (F56) Test Drive. Direct feeling & JCW living the modern with compatibility of sports and comfort


Attention is not only changed in connectivity and design side!

In May 2018, a minor change of MINI took place. The topics at this time attract attention from the design aspect such as having asymmetrical tail lenses with bilaterally symmetrical asymmetrical things such as strengthening connectivity by having the vehicle itself a communication function.

However, if you listen carefully, this time the change of the mission is quite kimo. It is interesting to have a newly developed 7-speed double clutch transmission and 8-speed sports AT.

The two pedal model of JOHN COOPER WORKS (JCW) here is changed from the 6th speed before the minor change to the 8th-speed sports AT. All the two pedals of ONE and COOPER type are 7-speed DCT with double clutch, whereas JCW only adopts AT with torque converter as usual. If it becomes the top model of the sports system, it seems that DCT with a strong sense of directness matches the character, but what is its aim?


MINI thinks of the feelings of running people

Responsiveness of the paddle shift is also good, and if the selector is knocked down in the manual direction, the place where the gear is completely fixed is easy to handle with the winding.

When paddle shifting is done in the D range, the upshift will be automatic up when the rebri mit is coming. There are many cases that other companies can not select it, but MINI has a good feeling that it is possible to choose depending on the driver. I am glad that I am thinking about the feelings of running people.

There is no delay in response to the throttle, and the finish that you can taste the same direct feeling as DCT is also surprising. Even if it is an AT, there is a direct coming with the guts now, if you upgrade from 1st speed to 2nd speed by fully accelerating on a low μ road for example, the tire screams a momentarily screaming.


It is sharp like a razor, sharp enough to think that it will spin after getting stuck

In addition, this car has adaptive suspension optional, and if you select SPORTS mode the suspension is considerably tightened.

Direct feeling overflowing, the feeling that the rear follows up as steering is sharpness which can not be tasted elsewhere.

The followability of the rear at the time of braking is too good, and we have to approach the corner while consulting with the rear tire. It is precisely sharp like a razor, and it is sharp enough to think that it will spin if you do it.

Of course, ultimately it is a construction that the electronic control device will help, but it is luxurious because it can taste such a feeling safely. I guess that some people will get tired of this sharpness at the winding, but I’m rather snappy. Like a child making a noise unless you want to go home forever, I have traveled back and forth the same way many times.

JCW’s view of the world today’s acceptance that can be accepted on any road

However, it will be out of time as soon as it’s fun, and it will be on the way back. Then JCW showed me a new aspect.

If you select the GREEN mode and run, the AT that was deploying directness will be shifted shock, mildly, and will repeat the upshifts quietly one after another with low rotation. Furthermore, the suspension was relaxed damping force, and it was supplemented supple.

Speaking of JCW, it has been accepting that it is always a jumping ride comfort, which is unavoidable, but it is a thing of the past. There is now a system that can accept any road surface. The world with this sharpness is the merit of JCW now. It seems that 8AT and adaptive suspension were necessary to achieve that.

MINI F 56 JCW main specification
Manufacturer’s suggested retail price (consumption tax included) AT: 4.5 million yen 
MT: 4,320,000 yen
full length 3875 mm
Full width (vehicle width) 1725 mm
Overall height (vehicle height) 1430 mm
Wheelbase 2495 mm
Riding capacity 4 people
Vehicle weight (vehicle weight) AT: 1290 kg 
MT: 1260 kg
Engine type In-line 4-cylinder DOHC 2.0 liter MINI twin power turbo
Drive system FF
Engine maximum output 231 ps (170 kW) / 5200 rpm
Engine maximum torque 320 Nm / 1450 to 4800 rpm
transmission AT: 8 speed AT 
MT: 6 speed MT
0 – 100 km / h acceleration AT: 6.1 seconds 
MT: 6.3 seconds
JC 08 mode fuel consumption AT: 15.8 km / L
MT: 14.5 km / L
fuel Unleaded Premium Gasoline

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