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Mercedes AMG E53 4MATIC + Test Drive │ Although you can enjoy the exciting running of the chest when stepping on, it is usually a gentle middle saloon with ISG


“ISG” tailored to content suitable for calling AMG’s unit

To the Mercedes-Benz high-performance brand “AMG”, the wave of electricization is impressed swiftly.

“Mercedes AMG E53 4MATIC +” tested this time is a sporty saloon tailored by AMG, E-class which is Mercedes’ middle saloon, as its name suggests. And that heart was equipped with a 3-liter inline 6-cylinder turbo + ISG ahead of the S class “S450”.

ISG is an abbreviation for “Integrated Starter Generator”, as its name implies, it is a system that is used not only as an electric booster but also as an alternator and starter.

The motor is sandwiched between M256 unit and 9 speed AT and engine assist is done using 48V electric system. And the regenerative energy obtained by the brake etc. is stored in the battery with the capacity of 1 kW.

Although it is an ISG belonging to “Mild Hybrid” as a format, its running has been tailored to content suitable for calling AMG’s unit.

Because the serial 6-cylinder unit installed in AMG E53 will output up to 435 ps / 520 Nm. And even the output of the ISG has increased to 21 ps / 250 Nm. Incidentally, this is a high value of + 68 ps / + 26 Nm with respect to S450.

To receive this output, 9-speed AT is provided for the transmission, and 4 MATIC is provided as the driving method.

Before the stability of 4MATIC, basic chassis performance is already high

On the test drive day, the test drive in the morning (→ S400d / this is another opportunity) has changed and changed, and the heavy rain that the high power of Mercedes AMG E53 4MATIC + is dangerous is falling.

It was the performance of ISG and electric Supercharger that showed the effect here.

Specifically, the accelerator follow-up property from zero departure is linear, and it is possible to put the speed to the regular area strongly without strongly depressing the right foot.

After a superb silent start by the motor, supercharging control of the supercharger will support the running …… It should not be conscious of the switching point and the presence or absence of the assist control. So the driver is just stress-free, you can run AMG E53 without setting up its high power.

Originally these scenes would like to tell the stability of 4MATIC, but in the first place AMG E53 had high basic chassis performance, and in the first place moving in an urban area without cornering, I felt that performance.

Compared to the texture of the S class, after all it is a little childish

Speaking of where you can divide your taste, it will be a comfortable ride.

The tire choice which wore 245/35 ZR 20 at the front and 275/30 ZR 20 at the rear was expressing AMG ‘s character better or worse.

AMG E 53 is equipped with an air suspension (and variable damper) not equipped with E class Japanese specifications. In other words, I want to ride “a compact high-end model than the S class” AMG E 53 has a targeted quality in the downsizer, but depending on the undulation of the road surface, the side rigidity of the 35/30 flat tire, Encourages a feeling of lateral tremor.

There is no such thing as this riding taste influences the running performance. However, compared with the texture of the S class, after all, it seems a little childish. In other words, if you have young people, you do not think so much, but if Japan is low in average speed, I think that you may wear a 19 inch and give the tire a bit more air volume.

The ecstatic time quickly tells the end

However, if you step on the accelerator without missing the moment when the eyes opened, E53 will unleash fully demonstrate AMG’s principles. The engine that had hid the nails until that time will mercilessly rise up to the high revolution like a lie. It is terribly fantastic, accompanied by a smooth six-cylinder series.

Mechanically, at this time, the supercharging method should be switched from the supercharger to the turbocharger. It is said that the AMG E53 turbine is larger than the S450, but, as usual, the turbo lag is not felt at all.

In “Sport +” mode, the steering feeling of the electric power steering is increased and the suspension is tightened. Nine-speed AT raise gears steadily with a light shock, and the ecstatic time quickly tells the end.

I want to step on as it is ……

When suppressing such an impulse and closing the accelerator, a dry anti-lag sound as if comforting such a thing, “Ballarat!” I could play.

Mercedes who can step on the accelerator with confidence despite rain, despite rain or falling down

Normally, if it is necessary to allocate 50: 50 torque, the 4MATIC ride brought to 0: 100 full FR drive is basically under-steered, with the effect of wearing a thick tire on the rear.

However, as mentioned earlier, the stability of AMG E 53 is very high, so we think that it may be better to give more natural handling with FR as the default and season the stability of 4 WD to compensate for stability when necessary.

If you want to get on that kind of Mercedes, though, it is probably AMG C 63. If you think so, AMG E 53 was convinced that Mercedes would be able to step on the accelerator to the floor with confidence, although it would rain or let the spears descend.

It is a tomatch until AMG E 63 (612 ps) equipped with a V8 twin turbo. But basic S class is a bit unsatisfactory. If you step on the accelerator, you can enjoy driving in the chest with inline six cylinders, but this Mercedes AMG E53 4MATIC + is recommended, as you can usually spend your days in the gentry with ISG.

Main specifications of Mercedes AMG E53 4MATIC +


Mercedes AMG E53 4 MATIC + main spec
engine Series 6 cylinder DOHC turbo + electric supercharger
Drive system Full time 4WD
Price (consumption tax included) 120,200,000 yen * Test car included option 500,000 yen including 125,26,000 yen
JC 08 mode fuel consumption 10.0 km / L
full length 4,950 mm
Full width (vehicle width) 1,850 mm
Overall height (vehicle height) 1,450 mm
Wheelbase 2,940 mm
Riding capacity 5 people
Vehicle weight (vehicle weight) 2,020 kg
Displacement 2,996 cc
Engine maximum output 320 kW (435 ps) / 6, 100 rpm
Engine maximum torque 520 Nm / 1,800 – 5, 800 rpm
ISG motor 16 kW / 250 Nm
transmission 9 speed AT (9 G – TRONIC)

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