Subaru New XV Advance (Hybrid) Actual Fuel Efficiency

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Subaru New XV Advance (Hybrid) Actual Fuel Efficiency Report Result Summary

Subaru New XV Advance (Hybrid)

What I brought to this fuel efficiency test was XV, a Subaru crossover SUV. That is an Advance grade equipped with an e-BOXER combining a MA1 type motor with a horizontally opposed 4 cylinder 2-liter direct injection engine added in October 2018.

When I hear “e-BOXER” I think of Nissan’s e-POWER, but this is not a series system that generates electricity by the engine and drives with a motor but adopts a parallel system in which the motor assists the output of the engine.

However, Subaru’s e-BOXER focuses on improving power performance, unlike hybrids that emphasize fuel efficiency of other vehicles, and uses a motor to compensate for engine characteristics that are poor in torque feeling in the low revolution range.

Of course, as the motor follows follow-up acceleration with a heavy load on the engine, fuel efficiency can be improved as a by-product. However, if that is not the main purpose, it is a place to wonder how much fuel cost can be devastated.

Appointment grade

XV used for this test is a grade called Advance as mentioned above. Pure gasoline engine cars are 1.6 liters and 2 liters, 2 grades each, totaling 4 grades, but e-BOXER equipped cars are only Advance 1 grade. Equipped with a 2 liter senior grade, it is real superlative grade.

Outline of fuel consumption test

The fuel consumption measurement this time was carried out on 14th November, although the weather was sunny, the maximum temperature did not reach 20 degrees. Departing the autocowan editing department in Aoyama around morning, I ran in order of high speed, suburban road, urban area, and town ride, and chose a route back to Autoc one editing department again around 16 o’clock. All of the fuel consumption figures are using the fuel consumption meter of the vehicle.

The air conditioner is fully automatic with 24 degrees setting, the SI-DRIVE mode uses intelligent mode (I), does not shift with paddle shift, runs only in the D range and cruise control is unused.

The actual fuel consumption of the new XV Advance is 16.9 km / L, which is almost the same as the catalog value

Subaru New XV Advance real fuel consumption result
Catalog value Actual fuel consumption
JC 08 mode fuel consumption 19.2 km / L
WTCL mode fuel consumption 15.0 km / L 16.9 km / L
WTCL Urban area mode fuel consumption 11.5 km / L 14.5 km / L
WTCL suburban mode fuel consumption 15.5 km / L 17.3 km / L
WTCL expressway mode fuel consumption 16.8 km / L 19.1 km / L

In conclusion, we ran the total 158.9 kilometers, and the total fuel efficiency value that ran through the whole process was 16.9 km / L. Although it could not exceed 19.2 km / L in JC 08 mode, 15.0 km / L in WLTC mode was cleared. As far as this figure is seen, it is a result that it is newly understood that the WLTC mode fuel consumption is closer to the actual numerical value than the JC 08 mode fuel consumption.

Although it belongs to the genre called SUV, the base is also called Impreza Sports, and I want to add that routine handling was in a common sense range.

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