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Mercedes Benz S400d Test Drive | Flagship Diesel Saloon Taste Excellent Drivability

It is not an entry model of S class S400d

Small but innovative waves caught on S-Class, a Mercedes-Benz flagship. “300 h” combining a motor with a 2.2-liter direct-injection diesel turbo was out of the lineup, and a new “400 d” was added.

Only in such circumstances “300 h” has recorded sufficient sales, it is never a disadvantage that this was a disconnection is not the reason is Mercedes’ valve.

By the way, 300h has a catalog fuel efficiency of over 20km / L and a vehicle price of 9980000 yen (consumption tax included), which is responsible for the entry model in the S class and has received great support from the step-up group from the E class.

Why did you let the catalog drop such a popular model?

The answer was surprisingly simple.

Mercedes wanted to polarize the current electric motorization path into a mild hybrid “ISG” equipped model and a plug-in hybrid. It is burdensome to work with the strong Hybrid in the company scale as well.

However, it is hard to believe that companies like Mercedes advocate a lack of physical strength to the continuation of strong hybrids. In other words, I think Mercedes has judged that it is most effective to continue the transition period until the appearance of it in the current lineup, looking to EV in the near future.

At the same time, it seems that the S400d announced this time is not an entry model changing to 300h. In short, instead of choosing the current S class by hierarchy or hierarchy, we will choose a grade according to user needs. It is said that everything is handled in parallel.

Excellent maximum torque of 700 Nm equivalent to AMG GT R

That means that the standing position of S400d is a pure S class new diesel version.

First of all, I will talk about the in-line six-cylinder diesel turbo “OM656” unit which will become the main feature of this time, this is the inline 4-cylinder diesel turbo “OM654” installed in the E class and the inline 6 engine “OM 256” for gasoline installed in the S450 And it is a module unit sharing the basic design.

By reducing the cylinder pitch to 90 mm and the thickness between the cylinders to 8 mm, the compact overall length is summarized as one methodology and answer of Mercedes which revived inline 6 cylinders in modern day instead of V 6 unit It is.

Moreover, by using steel for the piston for the inside of the engine against the aluminum block actively using the difference in the thermal expansion coefficient. The outer wall of the cylinder is subjected to nano slide processing (thermal spray coating of steel carbon) to improve fuel economy performance.

On the emission side, “Multi-way EGR” is installed. By combining the cooled high-pressure exhaust recirculation gas and the low-pressure exhaust recirculation gas, this was reduced before optimizing combustion by NOx treatment. Also, “CamTronic” (variable valve lift system) mounted on the exhaust side pushes part of the exhaust back into the combustion chamber, thereby accelerating the activation of the exhaust gas purification system and also evolving the particulate removal filter (DPF) .

Its fuel consumption performance is 14.2 km / L at S400 d, 13.3 km / L at S400 d 4 MATIC tested this time. Unfortunately, it is far from S300h’s amazing fuel economy performance (20.7km / L), but it exceeds the mild hybrid S450 (12.5km / L), and it is S class fuel economy performance.

Of course, not only environmental performance but also output, the new 6 straight diesel is finely handled. As a supercharger, a 2 stage turbocharger is mounted, and an expensive variable geometry mechanism is adopted on the side of a small diameter turbine. By varying the exhaust side vane, it ensures adequate supercharging pressure from very low speed, and it is smooth and powerful output characteristics are gained from the large turbine to high rotation.

S400d demonstrates exceptional drivability

Actually, there was something that was bad to the engine characteristics.

First of all, it was comfortable to be able to clear all areas with extremely low speed with idling + α in urban movements. Although it is not a stepping stone as much as S450 which says idling 520 rpm, there is quietness of the exit which does not conscious of the diesel engine and if we step on the accelerator slightly, it pushes the big body easy with a thick torque.

It would be so. The maximum torque as high as 700 Nm equivalent to AMG GT R is demonstrated from the rotation speed of 1200 rpm. That is, S400d runs downtown use with almost no engine turning to skeleton than S450.

Having a high torque value accordingly, there was a scene that caused a slight snatch during gear shifting of the ninth speed AT when turning on and off the accelerator somewhat miscellaneously.

However, if you understand even this and do an operation with a margin, S400d will demonstrate the best drivability.

Anyway, this is a strong fellows killer

The trial road was via the city from Shinagawa near Tokyo to Urayasu through the Gulf Coast, but the lightness of electric power steering in the comfort mode, the relaxed and elegant ride of the Air suspension was an attraction not to be defeated by Disneyland in a sense.

To the chaotic legs, the torque characteristics of engines that enable cruising with milli-pedal accelerator work are outstandingly matched, and it runs moistly around using ACC (adaptive cruise control) as a waste. S400d is a driver’s car.

It is frighteningly pleasant to see accelerating as you push the back and guts if you press over the accelerator lightly at the moment when a lenient suspension overcomes the undulation of the road surface.

Even if it puts into the sports mode, the control of power steering and suspension does not become hard, rather it is good impression that Airy Ride which is the performance in comfort mode tightens just right and linear maneuverability is obtained.

Then, if you stepped on the accelerator tightly, you can enjoy vibrations that are intriguing and violent with a slightly different six-cylinder sound than a gasoline unit.

The interior does not have excessive leather decoration, plain soft rubber. By adding Mercedes’ latest infotainment here, there is a spacious indoor space with a sense of futility that is spacious but quite solid.

This wonderful discreetness is the S class.

Personally if you use it in a low-speed environment like Japan, you prefer a rear wheel drive that gives a more natural steering feel, but anyway, this is a strong fellows killer.

Therefore, in Germany, I felt that diesel demonstrating its primary role as a long distance express will be one luxury item which also combines fuel economy performance in Japan.

S300h was a famous car of the age, but with that coming to the EV era, the more astonishing grade will emerge. S400d is another one with the independent appeal.

Main specifications of Mercedes · Benz S400d 4MATIC

Mercedes · Benz S400 d 4 MATIC main specifications
engine Series 6-cylinder DOHC turbocharger
Drive system Rear wheel drive
Price (consumption tax included) 11.6 million yen ※ price until 31 December 2018 ※
JC 08 mode fuel consumption 14.2 km / L
full length 5, 125 mm
Full width (vehicle width) 1,900 mm
Overall height (vehicle height) 1,495 mm
Wheelbase 3,035 mm
Riding capacity 5 people
Vehicle weight (vehicle weight) 2,080 kg
Displacement 2,924 cc
Engine maximum output 250 kW (340 ps) / 3, 600 – 4, 400 rpm
Engine maximum torque 700 Nm / 1,200 – 3, 200 rpm
transmission 9 speed AT

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