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Lexus new UX new model commentary │ One multifunctional one which shows various faces according to the user’s lifestyle

The car that you want to go out for freedom and discover new things in the range of your day’s life

Currently, although it is a global crossover boom, among them the “premium crossover” in which the luxury car and the SUV merged remarkably. Actually, it was Lexus that opened up this world. “RX” that appeared in 1998 is the original and “NX” which becomes a younger brother in 2014 was added. These two are ACEs driving current Lexus sales, and Lexus’ worldwide sales volume in the first half of 2018 (January to June) is at the record high of 327,732 units  (an increase from the same period last year) Contributing.

However, it is also true that there is a limit to fighting against the world’s strongest opponent with these two units, and from the sales site, there are more requests for smaller models. That was the youngest child of the Lexus crossover series “UX”.

Even saying that, rather than just a simple lineup of large and medium and small, RX / NX of his brother is different from its unique personality is included. The meaning of car name (UX) is “Urban Crossover” and Chief Engineer Kako Kaori (Kako Chika) says, “City citizens want to go out and freely go out in their day’s range of life and to make new discoveries I aimed for a car. “I stick to usability in the city rather than off-road.

Although it is directing “SUV likeness”, in fact it is as good as sporty hatch

The exterior of the Lexus new model UX is directing “SUV likeness” by the fender wheel arch mall and the thickness of the body etc. However, in a compact cabin, an expressive front mask including three-dimensional spindle grill, around a tightened side with high condensation feeling, and around a squeezed reared rear, it can say sporty hatch is there.

In addition, special F – sports, special front, and rear bumpers, grill, jet black plating item, special aluminum wheel etc are added. Incidentally, the wheel arch mall of a special shape and the rear combi lamp of the right and left wing shape are not only design icons but also functional parts that contribute to handling stability.

The body size is 4495 × full width 1840 × total height 1520 mm, wheelbase 2640 mm and slightly smaller than rival of the same class, but good handling of minimum turning radius of 5.2 m and total height of 1550 mm or less corresponding to tower parking while crossover and Japan But it is contained in easy-to-handle size.

To make the image of Japan’s unique aesthetic sense, truly Lexus quality


The Lexus new UX interior adopts a horizontal keynote instrument panel that is characteristic of Lexus since GS. The sense of cockpit is very strong, but by connecting the inside of the instrument panel top with the character line on the hood, using the inner and outer connections like Japan’s edge, it is possible to create a visual sense of broadness and a view Realized good visibility performance. The driving position is a strange feeling that it is low coupe-like, although the eye point is high, but the sitting posture is low.

For switches, other than operations other than air conditioning to make the instrument panel thinner is less. Audio control adopts the remote switch common to Lexus vehicles, various kinds of infotainment including audio switch built-in palm rest, navigation and so on. Although the audio switch is a nice idea, brand touch and handwriting input are difficult because the remote handles are operated with the left hand in the right handle specification, but since the level of speech recognition is raised, I would like to use it mainly.

Lexus quality while the youngest child is high in the texture of each part. It is one of the points that Japan premium-like representation, such as adopting decoration that imaged Japan’s unique aesthetic sense with “Japanese paper” as the instrument panel and “sashimo” as leather seat motif. In addition, the LED lighting adopted as the air conditioning register knob is the world’s first non-contact power feeding formula. Equipment is also substantial, air conditioning like the advanced model “Lexus climate concierge” which closely controls seat heater/seat ventilation/steering heater interlocking with auto air conditioner. As with the advanced model, set “Mark Levinson · Premium Surround System” for audio. Navigation is the latest spec corresponding to ITS Connect in addition to Hybrid Navi enhanced “connected” function.

In addition, the F sports is provided with an exclusive meter, dimple material, special pedal, analog clock, paddle shift, steering of the same shape as LS, integral foam sports seat inheriting the design image of LC.

It is necessary to divide it for “cool exterior” and “run”

For the compact Lexus New UX, the driver’s seat is a special seat in terms of living comfort, and the rear seat and the luggage remain in the necessary and sufficient space. Especially luggage secures 220L capacity, but back door opening is also small, the golf bag is difficult to store unless you folded the seat. Actually, at the beginning of the development, it seems that we also considered a package that emphasized the rear seat/luggage space, but Kako CE said “All this is reluctant as a result of greediness … … and reconsidering the concept and target of UX” It was also necessary to divide it for good exterior “and” running “.” In other words, “If you are looking for breadth, please have NX / RX”.

In a way, it may be said that the departure from Hakkaki who says “It does not matter if everyone does not like!” Can be said to be the latest part of Lexus.

The powertrain is the first model introduced as a model for Japan 2 types

Two types of powertrain are prepared, but both will be introduced for the first time as a model for Japan. Gasoline car is the next generation type called “dynamic force engine” with 2.0-liter direct injection. Combined with high-efficiency combustion efficiency improvement (maximum thermal efficiency of about, it achieves class-leading power performance (174 ps / 209 Nm) and low fuel consumption. It has both a sufficient torque in the practical range and a feeling that turns smoothly in response until high rotation, and it is finished as an NA engine which is not defeated to the downsizing turbo.

Transmission is set only for CVT but equipped with “direct shift CVT” which added a start gear in addition to the normal pulley and belt. Besides the improvement of transmission efficiency, wide range, shift followability as well as CVT’s poorest direct feeling and responsiveness are also plus, it has a poor AT fality performance.

Hybrid has the system output of 178.1 ps by combining a motor (108.8 ps / 202 Nm) to the same 2.0-liter direct injection (output is 145 ps / 188 Nm) as a gasoline vehicle. The system itself is “THSII”, but this is also updated to the next generation type. Due to the synergistic effect of skillful control that suppressed the rubber band feel with an efficient engine, it is natural that good fuel economy is realized, and it realizes the powerfulness which greatly exceeds the conventional hybrid system and the acceleration feels linked with the vehicle speed and linked with the growth.

The conventional system (1.8 liters + motor) was an image supplementing a powerless engine with a motor, but this unit is a hybrid that the power of the motor is added to the engine and you want to choose by the height of “performance”.

Also, attention is focused on improving practical fuel efficiency by “prefetching deceleration support” for efficient energy recovery during deceleration, “prefetching SOC control” corresponding to downhill and congestion in cooperation with navigation is there.

Benchmark a shorter hatchback rather than crossover from the beginning of development

For gasoline-powered vehicles only FF, hybrids prepare FF and AWD (E-Four).

The footwork system benchmarks a hutch back hack back rather than crossover from the beginning of development, with the keywords “appearance as crossover and running as a hatchback.” In order to realize it, a direct ball game (= pursuit of basic performance) is aimed at without aiming at odds.

Based on “GA – C” adopted for Prius, C – HR, Corolla Sports, the platform is composed of an underbody with optimum arrangement of high – tensile steel plate, a ring structure of left and right door opening and back door opening, laser screw welding And the structural part of the adhesive for the UX, the performance rod and the steering gear brace were additionally done, etc.

At the same time, we are sticking to the low center of gravity and lightweight thoroughly, and efforts to reduce the amount of grams of many parts that are above the center of gravity, as well as bonnet, fender, and door made of aluminum, backdoor made of resin That’s it.

The suspension is a front strut/rear / double wishbone type, the base model/version C is a conventional damper + 215 / 60R17, version L / F sports is a variable with electronically controlled damping force AVS + rear performance dampers with variable solenoid valve and 225 / 50 RF 18 (run flat).

Until the youngest child is undergoing uncompromising development

Driving methods and categories are quite different, but like LC / LS that appeared earlier, it seems he did thorough rushing to realize the “clean and deep driving” aimed by Lexus.

In addition, it also sticks quietly, which is also one of the strengths of Lexus, and it has improved the opening and material composition as well as the optimum arrangement of soundproofing materials. In addition, by designing the material of the undercover into a fiber material and also considering the roof rushing noise, noise during rainy weather is also reduced.

The safety support system also got out, adopted the second generation “Lexus safety system +” for all cars. Although the configuration of the monocular camera + millimeter wave radar is not changed, the pre-crash safety can be detected at nighttime pedestrians and bicycles by improving the performance of each sensor. In addition to conventional functions, “Lane Training ice and (LTA)” which supports steering operation together with radar cruise control with full speed follow-up function, “road sign ice with road sign recognition” (RSA), advance notification announcement function etc. are added.

Uncompromising development is being carried out as the youngest child like this UX. Although it belongs to the crossover in terms of classification, it can be said to be one “multipurpose” one that shows various faces according to user’s usage and lifestyle. Furthermore, Lexus shifted from LC to “third chapter”, LS / ES has already appeared, but if you consider the price (3.9 million – 5.35 million yen) and characters, you can experience the new generation Lexus “familiar” It may be the first model! What?

Lexus New UX Main Specs
UX 250h UX 200
Manufacturer’s suggested retail price (consumption tax included) 4.25 million yen to 5.35 million yen 3.9 million yen ~ 4.74 million yen
JC 08 mode fuel consumption 2 WD (FF): 27.0 km / L
AWD: 25.2 km / L
17.2 km / L
WLTC mode fuel consumption 2 WD (FF): 22.8 km / L
AWD: 21.6 km / L
16.4 km / L
WLTC urban area mode fuel consumption 2 WD (FF): 22.0 km / L
AWD: 21.1 km / L
12.8 km / L
WLTC suburban mode fuel economy 2 WD (FF): 23.4 km / L
AWD: 21.7 km / L
16.4 km / L
WLTC high speed mode fuel consumption 2 WD (FF): 22.7 km / L
AWD: 21.7 km / L
18.7 km / L
full length 4495 mm
Full width 1840 mm
Total height 1540 mm
Wheelbase 2640 mm
Riding capacity Five people
Vehicle weight (vehicle weight) 2 WD (FF): 1550 to 1580 kg
AWD: 1610 to 1640 kg
1470 ~ 1500 kg
Engine type In-line four-cylinder direct injection gasoline engine
Drive system 2WD (FF) / AWD 2 WD (FF)
Displacement 1986 cc
Engine maximum output 107 kW (146 PS) / 6000 rpm 128 kW (174 PS) / 6600 rpm
Engine maximum torque 188 N · m (19.2 kgf · m) / 4400 rpm 209 N · m (21.3 kgf · m) / 4000 to 5200 rpm
Motor maximum output Front: 80 kW (109
PS) Rear (AWD): 5 kw (7 PS)
Motor maximum torque 202 N · m (20.6 kgf · m)
Rear (AWD): 55 N · m (5.6 kgf · m)
transmission Electric continuously variable transmission Direct Shift-CVT (automatic continuously variable transmission with gear mechanism)
fuel Unleaded Regular Gasoline Unleaded Premium Gasoline

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