Lexus new UX launch presentation report

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Lexus launched a new UX on November 28, 2018, and held a recital at the same brand showroom “LEXUS MEETS …” in Tokyo Chiyoda Ward.

Lexus new UX launch presentation report | A woman chief engineer worked on “A letter of invitation to Lexus” presented to young and old children

The new UX is a model that is positioned as the youngest child of the Lexus crossover model group, and the price ranges from 3.9 million yen to 5,350,000 yen (including tax). The body size is 4495 mm in total length, 1840 mm in total width and 1540 mm in total height, which is characterized by being suppressed to an easy-to-handle size even in urban areas. In addition, Lexus cites as a further feature of the new UX, bold and sophisticated exterior, excellent steering responsiveness, steering stability, etc.

In development, the experiences of the chief engineer when he was in Europe and “women’s perspective” lived

This time, I was in charge of the chief engineer of the new UX, Mr. Kako who is “Executive Vice President” at Lexus. At the recital, it was revealed that Mr. Kako’s experience at the time of residing in Europe was utilized for the development of the same car.

“During the stay, there was awareness of the value that” essence of luxury is not only material wealth but also time and experience to be filled with a mind “, Mr. Kako looking back. While working in Europe, “We do not necessarily feel that each part is high quality because each part is high quality, such as instrument panel, seat, the ornament that compose the interior. The overall balance, continuity, contrast is controlled I learned that it will lead to a high-quality and sophisticated atmosphere, “he told of his own experience.

From the comment that “I realized once again the importance of considering how the entire interior sounds to the user’s sensitivity and mind, rather than judging on a per-part basis” What is the emphasis in the development of the new UX Taka can know it.

Mr. Kako pointed out “driving position” as a point of emphasis on development. According to the new UX, woman Kako himself can take a satisfactory driving attitude, and on top of that, the various operations at the time of driving are also in a reasonable layout. This can be said to be a beauty point as a new UX character called entry crossover model. It is a point that you want us to experience with dealers.

Check details of the new UX

Exterior feeling power and interior full of openness

The interior and exterior of the new UX which was developed with such idea have become compatible with strength and coziness.

In the exterior, the two character lines carved on the body side are impressive. Not only is it tightening the impression of the entire exterior, but it is also designed to be able to feel shade and color shade depending on the manner of light. The front and rear bumper and front and rear fender designs give the viewer a powerful image grabbing the ground throughout the body.

The interior is a fine view with a feeling of openness to the driver. Triangular windows are adopted, which contributes to the reduction of blind spots. In the design of the instrument panel, a theme having continuity from the inside to the outside of the body is adopted.

The thermal efficiency of the installed engine is the world’s top class!

The features of the new UX are not only in the interior and exterior but also in the mechanic’s section that is difficult for users to understand.

This time, the powertrain is “inline 4 cylinder 2.0-liter direct injection engine” and “2.0-liter hybrid system” are prepared. The most important feature of this power unit, which is newly developed together, is the efficiency of the engine. It is starting to beat the numerical value of the world’s top-level thermal efficiency of  (in the case of a hybrid engine, the gasoline specification is).

In addition, a variety of advanced technologies such as the world’s first technology to improve oil compatibility by attaching thin grooves on the side of the piston by the laser are incorporated, including technology cultivated in race engines.

One such as “invitation card” to Lexus which accepts regardless of gender

From the interior and exterior to the mechanism, a new type of UX sticking to attention to detail throughout. Even though the entry model of the Lexus crossover is said to have been built in a non-compromise posture.

Lastly, Chief Engineer Mr. Kako commented, “I would like to welcome those who are new to the luxury brand.” Why do not you try walking on the “UX World” where the gate is open to young and old.

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