Enel X, 2,400 columns by 2022 in the Regional Parks of Lazio

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Enel X continues its activities on the electric mobility front. After declaring its intention to install 14,000 stations in Italy by 2022 (7,000 by 2020) as part of Enel’s national plan for the construction of a charging infrastructure network, the Enel Group’s division dedicated to innovative products and digital solutions has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Lazio Region for an eco-sustainable tourism.

The agreement reached will lead to the installation of 2,400 recharge points by 2022 to reduce pollution and enhance both the Protected Areas of the Region with the intent to create eco-sustainable tourist routes that affect the nature reserves, lakes and the Lazio coast , which the Municipalities of the Association of Orange Flag Countries, which brings together all those villages (with less than 15,000 inhabitants) that stand out for their historical, cultural and environmental heritage, as well as for a quality accommodation for tourists.

The protocol will be valid for 10 years and is at no cost to the Lazio Region, which will commit itself to involving the management bodies of protected natural areas and the municipalities concerned. “Electric mobility is proving successful not only in large urban centers, but with this agreement it becomes an important tool available to those who use the electric car even in their spare time” , says Francesco Venturini , CEO of Enel X.

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